I share my smile with you

Share The Smile Journey is a global movement aimed at spreading smiles and joy worldwide. Join us in tracking the journey of each smile and discover how far positivity can travel. Be part of this adventure and let’s light up the world together.

The Idea

Have you ever wondered how far a smile can go?

We asked ourselves that very question. Can it be carried across cities, countries, even continents? Can it bridge cultures, break through language barriers, and warm hearts? With this vision in mind, we set out to discover just that. By creating 100 special Smilecards, each with its own unique number, we invite the world to be a part of a movement that showcases how far joy and community can travel when simply shared.

How does it work?

Receive a Smilecard

Enjoy this moment. Let the warmth of this smile brighten your day.

Capture the moment

Take a photo with this card and share it and tag us on Instagram. Use #ShareTheSmileJourney and mention your City, Country, & Smilecard Number to track the journey of the card.


Pass it on

Whether to someone you know or a stranger, let the smile find its next heart to touch.

Track its adventure

Follow us on Instagram @ShareTheSmileJourney to see where smiles are traveling and the stories they’re creating.

P.S. Every smile has a story. Yours is now a part of this. Thank you for being a special chapter in our worldwide tale of joy.
If you like: Tell us about yourself. Do you have a special story on how a smile changed your day or even your life?
If you don’t have Instagram, you can share your photo & story via email:

Join the Smile Movement

With ShareTheSmileJourney, we’re on a mission to discover and share the boundless power of a smile. Every smile holds a unique story that can light up someone’s day or even change someone’s life.

Our movement needs you and your smile.
Through weekly tips on how you can share a smile, we invite you to actively take part in our mission. Together, as a growing community, we can make the world a happier place.

With our newsletter, we want to spread joy by sharing these stories. We’ll update you on where the smiles go, introduce you to new cultures, and share ideas to add more joy to life.

This initiative is more than just a project. It’s an invitation to join a global community that believes in the transformative power of a simple smile.

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About me

I’m Paul Ilberg. Ever since my school days, I’ve known that I wanted to help people. That deep-rooted desire led me to embark on a journey into entrepreneurship during my studies, hand in hand with my brother. Together, we brought many innovative projects to life, all with the purpose of making a difference. Yet, despite our achievements, a growing feeling within told me I hadn’t yet discovered my true calling.

I’ve always been the type of person who wants to learn and understand everything around me. It’s this natural curiosity that’s drawn me towards topics like health, the way we live our everyday lives, our mental well-being, and the foods we eat. These aren’t just subjects I enjoy; they represent my deeper desire to make a difference. My true goal is to use this knowledge and passion to guide and support others, helping them find their path to a life that’s not just healthier, but also filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Recently, our world has undergone significant changes. I’ve observed society splintering into ever-smaller groups, with the tone of interaction growing colder. Conflicts, economic challenges, and global unrest have made many of us forget the power of a simple smile. This increasing estrangement pulled me into a downward spiral, making me feel we were losing sight of what truly matters.

From this darkness emerged the vision for ShareTheSmileJourney. It’s more than just a project. It’s a mission to reintroduce smiles into people’s lives, reminding everyone of our interconnectedness and the healing power of a mere smile. By sending 100 unique Smilecards on a global journey from the small city Freising in Germany, we aim to showcase the distances joy and connection can cover when shared, and tell stories of how a smile can positively transform lives.

I believe that if we work together, we can make a kinder, healthier world. A world where everyone smiles and shares it with others.
Ready to join the journey?